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29 июля 2019 г.
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17 июля 2018 г.
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15 июня 2016 г.
Изменение графика работы!!!

Производитель NS-CNC

This Competition is being organized by NSCNC to promote the technology and process of cutting wax models on CNC machines. This is to be a standing competition, with winners decided annually. Only models and photos made within the current competition year are eligible for entry and prizes in that year.

The Competition is open to all who wish to enter. Entrants must be using any CAD / CAM software and CNC machines to create wax models. To participate in the Contest; fill the application form (Appendix 1). One form must be filled in for each participant. Each participant can enter an unlimited number of models in the Contest.

All pictures submitted to the Competition that meet the eligibility requirements will be published in a section of NSCNC’s blog. The designer and description will be included with the photos (Appendix 2). In addition, the Competition organizers reserve the right to entries on specialized jewelry photography forums. Should organizers place entries on jewelry forums, the model’s designer will be indicated. With consent, links to the designer’s website and/or email will also be included with photographs.

The judging panel will consist of famous designers who have achieved significant success using CAD / CAM software and machine cutting wax models. Judges are not allowed to enter the Competition. Winners of the competition may be invited to join the judging panel in subsequent years. Should winners choose to become judges, they will no longer be eligible to compete.

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